On October 6, 2013 the "COOPERATION HOUSE" of Piazzola di Rabbi was inaugurated and this was the final act, the symbolic moment that sealed the journey started six years earlier with the administrative process by which Famiglia Cooperativa Vallate Solandre had set two specific goals: the restoration and enhancement of the building that had become useless to the activities and abandoned, and the definition of adequate tools and responses to meet the community needs. The construction of four low-rent housing units intended for older people or for people experiencing difficulties, and four more units for young couples, would fulfill alone the requirements set by the province Administration to be entitled to benefit from the public contributions, but we wanted to go further, exploring more opportunities to help the community: we created spaces dedicated to the doctor's office, we gave a seat to Rabbi Ski Club and to the "Gruppo Ana" of Piazzola, and we dedicated a room to the promotion of cooperation where the archives of the "Consortele" (ancient shared land properties) can be stored.

This great joint effort allowed us to make a vision come true, combining economic sustainability and social responsibility, to show that it is possible to be a good cooperative, even in difficult times. If a century ago cooperation represented a way to redeem our community from a condition of poverty, today, through this project, the mission of the Famiglia Cooperativa is revived, highlighting its role as a defender and protector of the rights of the more isolated areas. That's why Famiglia Cooperativa has involved its members, why it has addressed the world of associations and volunteering, why it has chosen to entrust the work to local businesses and artisans, so that the positive economic impact drive enjoying the community, because has researched and found the collaboration of the municipal administration, © because, ultimately, it is placed and will go into partnership to build the common good. The cooperation house in Piazzola is an innovative tool that qualifies the soul of Famiglia Cooperativa in accordance with the ratio contained in our constitution which, under art. 45, recognizes the social function of cooperation and supports its development and objectives through appropriate audits. The interest generated within the province and outside the region confirms the goodness of this experience, which will be nourished by the participation of the community.
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