The Cooperation Card is a free tool reserved to the members of Famiglia Cooperativa. It is a personal document that the Cooperative offers its members to allow them to take advantage of exclusive benefits and services.
Its institutional functions allow you to take part in the community life, and by giving their card at the cash, our Members can enjoy

  • Special discounts for members only
  • Particularly advantageous promotions on products offered on the free magazine "Cooperazione tra Consumatori"
  • Participation in the initiatives proposed by the Cooperative
  • Exclusive and interesting discounts

The Cooperation Card is not a classic fidelity card offered free of charge: it is the evidence of your membership, it means you are part of the cooperative system.

Paying with your card
You can use your Cooperation Card to pay for your shopping. In fact, you can activate your credit at the end of the month, and all your purchases made in stores of the Famiglia Cooperativa Vallate Solandre and paid using your Cooperation Card will be charged to your Bank Account at the Cassa Rurale in one single operation at the end of each month.

The Cooperation Card, thanks to a series of agreements, helps you save money not only on your shopping, but also on many other occasions and areas: culture, transports, health and fitness, travel and tourism, leisure, environment and society.

How to use the Card
Your Cooperation Card:

  • Allows all members of Famiglia Cooperativa to be recognized as such on all official and institutional occasions
  • Showing your card to the cashier before starting to bill your shopping allows you to get exclusive benefits and services in the stores of your Famiglia Cooperativa as well as in the broader cooperative network of stores that are part of the group Coop Trentino, Supermercati Trentini e Famiglia Cooperativa
  • Members who have an account at one of the branches of the bank "Casse Rurali Trentine", can request the payment service to be activated on their card
  • It also allows to obtain concessions in sectors other than consumer goods thanks to special agreements

Payment Service
The card enabled to payment allows members to:

  • Pay for purchases at the store, up to a total of 80 € a day without having to type any PIN code
  • Enable, in the Cooperative that takes part in the program, the end-of-month credit. In this way, all purchases done in the stores of your Famiglia Cooperativa are charged to your bank account in a single payment at the end of the month. It means your payments are delayed without any extra charge
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